Treasure of the North

Treasure of the North
A stepping stone through Rassalantar

The adventure starts with a rare item collector, Johnas, who has hired Garmin in Waterdeep to arrange a team of dependable caravan guards to expedite his journey to Amphail. A rare knife collector has recently setup shop and has posted a area wide request to pay a large sum of money for anyone who can retrieve an ancient relic blade, The Dragon Horn Dagger. Garmin a unproven cleric of Garl Glittergold rounded up a group of four other young adventurers to assist him, they are known as: Grundi, Skoda, Aelar, and Jett.

They set out from Waterdeep the next day for an adventure they could never had expected. The first day of traveling along The Long Road brought the party to the decent sized settlement of Rassalantar where they found a room in the Sleeping Dragon Inn. Skoda being an Eladrin kept attentive watch the entire night and allowed his companions to get an early start on the morning, this was a fortunate turn of events as it caught the ambushing goblins off guard as they had expected to catch the party still asleep.

Aelar, the always vigilant elf, noticed a few stocky, hooded, figures that stood out starkly in the peace of the early morning. Upon recognizing that they were seen the goblins called in reinforcements in the form of a horde which blew a ten foot wide hole through the wall, more for effect than any need since the gate stood open not twenty feet away.

All the vendors in the open courtyard fled in a panic and the party took up positions to confront the oncoming goblins. Grundi laid down early spell cover putting most of the onrushing goblins to sleep. Skoda rushed into place and with a barrage of sling fire he dropped most of the enemies within fifteen feet. Upon seeing his minions killed the goblin war leader fled on his trusty goat in hopes of finishing his missing later.

Garmin woke one of the final survivors and learned from the goblin that they were attacking in an attempt to retrieve their totem. He had a crude drawing of a small blade with a handle made of some sort of bone or horn. When questioned Johnas responded with evasive and harsh responses. After gathering no information Garmin determined it would be unwise to try to explain what had occurred in the courtyard to the authorities so they decided to leave Rassalantar abruptly.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful but as evening approached a heavy low misted started forming in front of the caravan spanning about ten feet wide and 200 feet long following the road. Garmin called for a halt and had the party exit the caravan to approach on foot. Aelar notice that through the fog he could see small reptilian silhouettes hiding behind boulders off each side of the path. The party slowly approached the area near where the figures had been spotted when they were jumped by a group of Kobolds guarding a long chain stretched across the path at knee height. Garmin, being the entrepreneur that he is, immediately recognized the monetary gain the group had just stumbled upon in the form of 70 feet of chain.

After the Kobolds were easily put down the party made haste to reach Amphail before dark fell. A few more hours of travel later and the group finally reached its destination. After the guards let everyone in Johnas paid everyone their fee and then set about finishing his business with Jett and Aelar escorting him.


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